What countries use complementary therapies?

In wealthier countries with higher health expenditures, like Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands , a greater number of CAM treatments are reimbursed, and integrated into the established health care system [14].

Who is most likely to use complementary therapies?

Even though older adults generally have poorer health, middle-aged adults are most likely to turn to complementary and alternative medicine, a new study shows. The study also found that adults of different races or ethnic backgrounds use these self-care methods in similar proportion

What country uses CAM the most?

Czech Rep . The most frequently used CAM treatment was massage therapy, used by 11.9% of the population, followed by homeopathy (5.7%), osteopathy (5.2%), herbal treatments (4.6%), acupuncture (3.6%), chiropractic (2.3%), reflexology (1.7%) and spiritual healing (1.3%).

What countries use CAM?

Most frequently used CAM therapy was homeopathy in Norway, reflexology in Denmark, and massage in Stockholm County. Conclusions. Use of CAM is common in the Scandinavian countries , and there are national differences regarding therapy preferences. Many individuals use both CAM and conventional health services.

What country has the best alternative medicine?

Germany : leaders in evolving alternative medicine practices. From being the birthplace of homeopathy to being first in CAM usage in Europe to leading regulation and coverage movements, Germany is at the forefront of alternative medicin

Who is most likely to use complementary and alternative medicine?

The most likely users of complementary and alternative therapies over the past 12 months in 2016 were from the 35- to 44-year-old age group (61%). The use of complementary and alternative medicines and treatments diminished with age, and generally rose with both income and educatio

What type of people use CAM?

The evidence suggests that people who use CAM tend to be female, of middle age and have more education . In terms of their health, CAM users tend to have more than one medical condition, but might not be more likely than non-users to have specific conditions such as cancer or to rate their own general health as poo

Who is most likely to use complementary and alternative medicine in the US group of answer choices?

The use of CAM therapies is more common among women (48.9 percent) than men (37.8 percent) (Eisenberg et al., 1998).

Why are more people going with complementary therapies?

People seek out these alternatives because (1) they are dissatisfied in some way with conventional treatment ; (2) they see alternative treatments as offering more personal autonomy and control over health care decisions; and (3) the alternatives are seen as more compatible with the patients' values, worldview, or ...

Who uses CAM medicine the most?

The majority of studies thus report that women are more likely than men to use CAM, and this has been found in national surveys in both the UK (1) and US (101). For example in one US study 39% of women and 31% of men had used CAM in the past yea

In which countries are the highest CAM users?

In Europe, France and Germany were found to have the highest prevalences of CAM use of 8 European countries in 1992, with 49 and 46% respectively of the populations having used some form of CAM [7

What age group uses CAM the most?

The 55 to 64 age group (71%) was more likely than those 65 and older (58%) to use CAM for overall wellness. The 50 to 54 age group (51%) was more likely to use CAM to supplement conventional medicine than were those 65 years and older (38%).

Which country is best in natural medicine?

The World's Happiest Countries

Country Name Health-Conscious Rank Best Countries Overall Rank
Sweden 1 6
Switzerland 2 1
Denmark 3 11
Norway 4 12

What is the most effective alternative medicine?

Acupuncture – One of the better known alternative healing therapies is acupuncture. The healing technique has its origin in ancient China and has been practiced for thousands of years. Acupuncture practioners believe that diseases and ailments are caused due to imbalances of universal energies.

Who uses alternative medicine the most?

Overall, the survey revealed that CAM use was greater among a variety of population groups, including women; people with higher education; those who had been hospitalized within the past year; and former smokers , compared to current smokers or those who had never smoked.

What cultures use alternative medicine?

Naturopathy focuses on non-invasive treatments to help your body do its own healing. Ancient medicines (complementary and alternative medicine treatments) include Chinese, Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian and Tibetan practices.